Doug For Congress

Doug For Congress

Help elect Doug for Congress.  Doug is running for the congressional seat in the house not the senate.  Everyone knows that Washington D.C. can be a drag so we need to elect candidates that can get the job done.  It's time for change and Doug can get the changes made that you the civilians of these United States need to have a healthly life.  Doug is prepared to tackle issues like:

  •  Health Care Reform

  • Cutting Taxes (Individual)

  • Tax Cuts for small businesses

  • Governement Spending

  • Bigger State Government

  • Veteran Rights / Veteran Affairs

So please get out there and vote and help elect Doug for congress in Virginia.

Why Shaw Carpet Is More Environmentally Friendly  

In this day and age when we are constantly worrying about global warming, and the ever growing pile of trash in landfalls across the world, it is important to be environmentally friendly in everything that we do. That includes owning environmentally friendly flooring as well. Carpets by their very nature wear out all the time. You shouldn’t expect to have a carpet a lifetime because it is very unlikely that you will. If people are constantly throwing out their old carpet then there is probably a large pile of old rugs in our countries landfills today. Going with more environmentally friendly flooring like a Shaw carpet is a great way to reduce the growth of landfills. It is hard to understand how one carpet could possibly be better for the environment than another could, but Shaw carpets are.

One of the biggest accomplishments that makes Shaw stand out is their Evergreen nylon recycling factory. Much of the nylon used in their carpets is made from recycled nylon, which makes them much better for the environment. Instead of sending all those old carpets to landfills they take recycle them and sell them all over again. It makes sense in a business sense, and it helps the environment.

Since Shaw Industries was created in 1946 they have been improving the way carpets are manufactured and shipped. They have more efficient shipping methods which reduces the number of trucks out on the road. They also have cleaner production methods than many other carpet companies. They have a smaller carbon footprint than most other companies and that is saying a lot for a carpet manufacturer and distributor. They have figured out ways to reduce the consumption of fuel, power, and water during the manufacturing process. They also have come up with innovative ways to recycle manufacturing waste. All of these things make their factories better for the earth.

Hardwood Flooring with Children and Pets

                When I first purchased my hardwood last year I was a bit skeptical because we had always had carpet, and I wasn’t sure how it would be with a small children, animals, and a family, but to my surprise it has worked out exceptionally well and I’m loving my new floor.

                One benefit to having hardwood floors with children is the clean up. Spills happen and that is just a fact cleaning up is the big challenge, but with hardwood flooring the clean up process is a lot easier than with carpet. Usually with carpet, a carpet cleaner must be used over and over again, even before the scrubbing begins, but with hardwood a good cleaner and a sponge mop will do the job. If you are like me the spill always happens to be some kind of red juice, or some unsightly spill that will not come out of carpet and eventually over the course of time the carpet will have to be replaced. Hardwood floors on the other hand last for a lifetime and never have to be replaced because of stains and spills.

Mullican Hardwood Flooring
Mannington Hardwood Floors
Mannington Jamestown Oak
Mannington Revolutions Laminate
Mannington Restoration Laminate

                Second benefit to having hardwood floors is life of the floors. While carpet spills may ruin the carpet or the color may go out of style fast, hardwood floors can be refinished for years, and the floors will usually match with any new style that comes out. So far my hardwood has matched with every new style I have added throughout the house and I don’t see having to purchase new floors anywhere in the near future. When I had carpet, I had a hard time trying to match furniture and colors, and felt like it needed to be redone each time I added a new style.

                Another added benefit to having hardwood flooring is the durability with animals. Having a cat and dog in the family makes it tougher to have carpet, because with any cat they tend the scratch and dogs seem to leave a trail of dirt. My particular cat enjoyed scratching at the carpet and pulling it, but doesn’t have the opportunity with hardwood. As for the dog, he tends to go outside and drag dirt back in, with carpet it was hard cleaning up the mess, but with hardwood a sponge mop will always do the trick.

Mohawk Rockford Oak
Wicanders Cork Flooring
Anderson Hickory Forge Hammer Glow
Anderson Flooring
Kahrs Flooring

                Hardwood flooring has worked magic for my family and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for flooring. So if you need exotic hardwood flooring or hand scraped flooring please visit the references in this article.